How do I pay?
We currently accept Cash on Delivery (temporarily unavailable), PayPal payments & Bank Transfers.

Do you deliver to my area?
Please view our Delivery Areas here

How much are the delivery charges and how long does it take?
We charge a flat rate of RM15 for deliveries within Klang Valley. We delivery everyday except on selected Public Holidays. Delivery is FREE if you order RM200 & above

How are my orders packed?
All orders are packed into styrofoam boxes. Each seafood type is packed nicely into a food-grade zip lock bag & fitted into the styrofoam box which are then filled with ice to maintain the freshness of the seafood.

Will the fish I buy be cleaned?
Yes, all fish will have guts & scales removed.

Will the shellfish (prawns & squid) I buy be cleaned?
No, we strictly do not clean shellfish.

Can I change or cancel my order?
Yes, you may only change or cancel your order 1 day before your order delivery.

Can I add another delivery address? Or can I change my last delivery address?
During Checkout you can either change your last delivery address, or you can add another delivery address. If you add another delivery address, you can give this new address a name (e.g. Mother Home). All your delivery addresses are saved in your profile and at your next shopping you just need to select which address you want to use.

How do I check if my order was successful?
You will receive an automated email confirmation of your order once it is placed.

Can I order a product which is out of stock?
Sorry, you won't be able to place an order for a product that's out of stock until we have updated our stock.

What are the delivery times?
Delivery time is between 6pm and 8pm. We DO NOT have Morning deliveries.

What if I'm not home at the time of delivery?
You will have to contact us at 0111 23 08 4 08 or email us at sales@myseafoodmart to reschedule your delivery. An additional delivery fee of RM20 will be charged for your rescheduled delivery.

Can I go to your office & select the seafood I would like to purchase?
No, we do not keep stock of any seafood at our office to maintain the freshness of our seafood.

Where is the seafood sold on MySeafoodMart.com from?
All the seafood sold on MySeafoodMart.com is sourced directly from Pulau Ketam.

What if the seafood I've purchased is not fresh?
All our orders are delivered directly from Pulau Ketam on the day of delivery and the seafood are caught approximately 6 hours before delivery so our seafood is definitely fresh.