Terms & Conditions

Due to the nature of the products sold, please note that the prices on MySeafoodMart.com fluctuates every other day. Prices may vary greatly due to festive seasons & bad weather conditions.

Whatsoever the reason of the price fluctuation, we will always honour the price at the point of sale.

The weight of the fish we sell on MySeafoodMart.com is gross weight. The weight of the fish delivered you will be roughly 15 to 20% less than the gross weight. (Weight of scales & guts removed)

MySeafoodMart.com reserves the right to supply goods with a weight difference. However, MySeaFoodMart.com shall make every effort to ensure the weight difference is minimal and as close to Customer’s request.


All the fish sold on MySeafoodMart.com will have the scales & guts removed. In the event that the fish is too large & is unable to fit into the styrofoam box, MySeafoodMart.com reserves the right to cut the fish into pieces in order to fit into the styrofoam box.


We DO NOT keep stock of any fresh seafood items. All the products sold on MySeafoodMart.com are on PRE-ORDER basis & are subject to availability. As all our seafood are caught from the sea daily, we cannot control the amount of fishing yield we achieve.  In the event that the product you purchase is not available, you have the option to replace with other item or postpone your order.

Bank Transfer Payment
Please email (sales@myseafoodmart.com) or WhatsApp (011-12308408) us your proof of payment with your order number. Orders will not be processed if proof of payment is not sent. Payment has to be made at least 1 day before delivery date or your order will be cancelled.

Delivery Time
All our deliveries are carried out by our appointed third party logistic company. Delivery times are subject to change due to traffic, weather conditions & any other unforeseen circumstances. Please be patient as these conditions are out of the control of the appointed third party logistic company.

MySeafoodMart.com reserves the right to deliver only to the main entrance of the delivery address. MySeafoodMart.com will not deliver to a different address than the address provided.

Whilst we make every effort to deliver all Customer goods in the agreed time, MySeafoodMart.com will not be liable if it fails to do so in part or in full due to circumstances beyond its control.

Returns & Refunds
Our motto is 'Freshness delivered to your Doorstep'. To achieve our motto, we guarantee the freshness of our seafood. At the time of delivery if the seafood delivered to you is not fresh, let our delivery staff know & return that particular item to our delivery staff & he/she will not charge you for that item. In the event where you've paid for your order online, our delivery staff will refund you the price of the returned item.


Box Rebate
We provide a RM5 rebate per order for the styrofoam box returned to us. Our Box Rebate is only applicable to cleaned & undamaged boxes. We reserve the right to refuse damaged & dirty boxes. Our box rebate is not applicable to new (first time) orders & is only applicable for your (returning) next order. Our Box Rebate is limited to RM5 per order (regardless of the number of boxes returned)