About Us

MySeafoodMart.com is the first & only full fledged Online Seafood Store that sells fresh seafood online & provides delivery to most parts of Klang Valley. We have well over 20 years of experience in the fishing industry & we are a supplier of seafood to fish sellers & restaurants all over Klang Valley. Now, we've opened an online store to cater to households in Klang Valley directly.

We currently own 5 fishing trawler boats & we're in the process of building our 6th boat.

We also have a special farm in Pulau Ketam dedicated to rearing only Dragon Grouper (龙虎班).

Our ever so fresh (still alive), Dragon Grouper

All seafood sold on our website are from our daily catch. The seafood delivered to you are so fresh, they were still swimming in the morning of the day of your order delivery. None of the fresh seafood sold have ever touched the freezer. In an effort for us to make sure that the products we sell remain fresh until your doorstep, all orders are delivered directly from Pulau Ketam to your doorstep.